Should we pick a theme?

One of the things I enjoyed most about planning my wedding was spending hours glued to Pinterest mentally drawing out my 'dream day' and adding wishes to my already endless list of wants, needs and most definitely must buys. Long gone was the traditional wedding where parents invited people to their daughter's marriage and you had to choose a side. Weddings can be absolutely anything you want them to be and in my eyes, this is what made ours so special. 

We didn't really have a theme as such, it was set in an old barn which made it feel very rustic and we did stick to various shades of a pastel teal. But if I'm completely honest this is not what made our day feel right. For us it was down to the finishing touches and injecting our personality in to the space. 

It was very important to both me and my husband to write our own vowels and make promises that meant something to us (we still remind eachother of them now). We had hand stiched birds on the top of our cake and created most of the decor ourselves. My Mum collected old cups and saucers from family but also from various charity shops. My Dad joined our guitarist and performed 'She loves you' by the Beatles - one of his favourites. My husband brought a collection of penny boards and we also hired a vintage bicycle to signify his passion for an array of outdoor activities. 

I will say a theme can bring some order to what can be a very demanding task. Wedding planning can take months (even years) and lots of us feel under pressure to please, surprise and entertain our guests. I think it should be remembered that the only two people who will truly remember that day are you and your partner. Whether or not you choose a theme, colour or particular style.. choose a day that says something about you.

It's your moment, your message and eventually they will be your memories. 





Hand stitched cake toppers  


Wedding venue - Donington Park Farmhouse, Derbyshire


Our personal wedding vows



Vintage bicycle 

Nathan James